A Welcomed Vacancy

A Welcomed Vacancy

The giant white building used to be surrounded by a heavy metal fence and (even though almost no one ever tried to gain unauthorized entry) when the allegedly important man moved in, he tore down the fence altogether and erected an insurmountable stone wall instead. He topped it off with barbed wire, just for good measure.

When the allegedly important man finally moved out, most folks cheered. No one was in a big hurry to move into the vacated edifice until the wire was removed and the wall demolished.

The work will clearly take some time and effort, but there are plenty of volunteers ready to help with the renovation; eager to tear down the wall and restore the vacant building to its previous welcoming state.

Meanwhile, the building remains empty. There is nothing behind the wall except a space where the wind whistles.

Thanks to Merril, hosting us for today’s Prosery Challenge over at dVerse Poets, asking us to use a sentence (highlighted) from the poem Drawings By Children by Lisel Mueller.
Dverse Poets Pub
Prosery Monday
~ Houses, Walls, & Whispreing Winds ~

(PS: Exactly 144 words!)

18 thoughts on “A Welcomed Vacancy

  1. Nice tale. Like many of us you went with a building or house, though I thought of a junker car at one point. Lots of clever twists out here on the trail tonight.

  2. Ohh oh! I wonder when and who will be the new residents and whether they will move in peacefully? This is exquisitely drawn 🙂

  3. I agree with Ingrid about the contemporary feel, Ron, and also hope the ‘allegedly important man’ will be forced out by his own foul wind – did you know that the word ‘trump’ over here in the UK means fart?

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