Je sais comment dire trois choses différentes dans trois langues différentes –Moi

Today’s big linguistic challenge:
avoid bragging about how I
taught myself to say, “I know
how to say three different
things in three different
languages,” in three
different languages.

Jeg ved, hvordan man siger
tre forskellige ting
på tre forskellige sprog

Mi scias kiel diri
tri malsamajn aferojn
en tri malsamaj lingvoj

Apologies to diligent readers for any errors; blame it on Google Translator.

Poets And Storytellers United
Writer’s Pantry #45


13 thoughts on “¡Lingüista!

  1. It’s 12 minutes to midnight in my part of the world. The copy & paste functionality of my lappy doesn’t seem to be working. But I’m stubborn so here’s the first line I saw on GT results – “He knows how to say no.”

  2. Hourra Hurra Kimbunga Hooray!!! Seeing the results of our election, I can way Hooray in three languages too!

  3. LOL, I’ll take your word for it. My Spanish is passible but my Japanese has a long way to go beyond polite phrases for the tea room.

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