Cold Snap

An oldie, originally published (online) in February, 2006 in the now-defunct Crescent Moon Journal. It took 2nd place in their Winter Poems Contest.


Cold Snap

Outside for obligatory photographs:
ubiquitous head-shot, profile,
three-quarter profile, bust.

I stand between the battered, rusty
plow, lost in a stand of spruce,
and the house’s winter windows,
nearly buried by blizzard. I squint
and will be squinting forever,
standing, frozen by the shutters.

When I see myself, inside, later,
at first only pixels, then paper thin,
I am several hundred pounds of meat
none of it lean, leaning on a cane,
a lame spectacle trapped by
reflex and bifocality, with snow
at the temple of my thinning hair.

Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #42



13 thoughts on “Cold Snap

  1. I love the way you built up this self-portrait, Ron. The word ‘obligatory’ suggests those photographs were not for fun, and you made such a wonderful job of painting the wintry scenery, I shivered. I love the play on words in the phrase ‘a lame spectacle trapped by / reflex and bifocality’.

  2. Luv “the temple of thinning hair”
    Life is sacred and it is a dynamic process

    Happy Sunday Ron. Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


  3. Echoing comments above, this produce chills, something about the way it reads is like the subject of a portrait turning to stare back at the viewer.

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