…Shall Remain Nameless

Here’s a Submission History for a piece (Flash Fiction) I submitted to a journal that – according to my tracking software – claims a fairly rapid turnaround time (and the Duotrope Submission Manager software stats show that most responses occur within 90 days)…


Even though I scrupulously followed all submission requirements, here’s the history:

Submission Date: 3/17
1st Status Inquiry: 6/25 (No Response)
2nd Status inquiry: 7/13 (No Response)
3rd Status Inquiry: 7/27 (No Response)
4th Status Inquiry: 8/12 (No Response)

At this point, I gave them a two-week notice of impending withdrawal.

>> Submission Officially Withdrawn By Author: 8/25

Rejection Notice Received: 10/16/20

Yes, that’s right: They rejected me after ghosting me for 5 months, and then overlooked my (civil) withdrawal for an additional 2 months just to send me a rejection anyway.

I’m not going to name-shame the publication, but I’ll say that they are fairly reliable, have been turning out decent (Quarterly) issues sine 2013, and made no announcements either online or via email advising any delays (ie COVID, Staffing, Technical, etc.)

Probably won’t submit any more work there.

thumbs down

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