The Determining Factor

He told her they’d been studying the man for years and they’d finally decided that eradication, not re-election, was the only reasonable response to his looney quest for leadership.

“But even then,” she asked, “how can you be sure he’s not the best candidate?”

He turned to her and said, “We look at him. Through the wrong end of the long telescope of Time, he does, indeed, seem so tiny; so foolish and harmless; so far away. But, these days, given the highly virulent history he’s already subjected us to… not far enough. There is no far that’s far enough”

dVerse Poets
Monday Prosery Challenge
~ Telescope Of Time ~

Kim’s hosting this week’s Prosery Challenge, which wants us to create a prose response of no more than 144 words, incorporating a sentence from the D.H. Lawrence poem, Humming Bird: ‘We look at him through the wrong end of the long telescope of Time’.

I broke and open-ended the sentence (which is allowed), but otherwise I’m playin by the rulz, I guess.

Looking forward to other fine responses.


15 thoughts on “The Determining Factor

  1. I remember reading a book in high school called, “The Ugly American.” He epitomizes the term. How he continues to stand is a wonder. I must have faith in the American people this November. Weird to think we are just a couple of weeks away from election day.

  2. Nov. 3rd can’t come soon enough, although my vote has been cast – absentee, as I hope to be traveling, although it actually meant voting at the county hall.

  3. ‘No far is far enough’ – I agree. We will all be living with the consequences of his cavalier attitude towards climate change for years (or even centuries) to come, I fear.

  4. You and Ken were on the same wavelength, Ron. Eradication not re-election, why has nobody tried that yet? The hospital missed a trick with his Covid medication.

  5. And no amen that is amen enough! President pumpkin head has got to go. I hope there’s courage enough in good sense enough among the voters, we voters, to send this man packing. Liked your writing here Ron, well done!

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