Popular Demand

There were very nearly McRiots
when the last of the Harry Potter
frozen mocha latte Magic Frappes
ran out.
               They had to crank up
the Muzak, hand out a dozen
half-priced Wizard’s Happy Meals
just to get the noisy little buggers
back into line, keep them from
going completely berserk, keep them
from battering the staff with the
trays, threatening the manager
with bodily harm, and generally
running amok.
                              A few years ago,
when the Dora the Explorer promo
went south, the semi delivered
only greaseburgers and napkins
(not a single action figurine
anywhere in sight). The tots
got ugly and tore the place up;
put a couple counterworkers
in the hospital.
                             It made this
little dust-up over the shakes
look like small potatoes indeed.



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