Inside Jenny


My poem Glover At Six is up tonight in the Autumn Issue (#18) of Jenny, the just-released Youngstown State University (YSU) Student Literary Arts Association Journal.

This issue’s theme is Small Towns.

I’ve been holding my breath for a while: although the poem was accepted within 90 days of submission, actual publication took just over 7 months, delayed due to Covid-related issues.

The poem’s in good company, though, including a fine combo of Fiction / Flash / CNF / and about a half-dozen other poems.

Interesting side-story:
I originally drafted this poem after driving through the tiny village of Glover in the early morning hours & attempted to record the market before it opened for the day. While I awaited publication, however, the market closed its doors for good after nearly a century of service. Then the owners found a buyer, and Currier’s will probably re-open in the spring (YAY!)

I’m grateful to Editor McKayla Rockwell and the JENNY staff for honoring my work.


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