Isolation Ward

This week’s scribble-quest at Poets And Storytellers United asks us to consider deathbed-related poetry in the tradition of jisei, telling us: “In East Asia (Japan, China, Korea) there is a long tradition of death poems called jisei, reflecting on one’s own death and/or death in general. They are supposed to be written on the death-bed, or at least when death seems imminent, but they could be written earlier.”

They’re often in Haiku / Senryu / Tanka form, but I’ve opted for a Sevenling . (Not familiar? Check it out HERE)


Sevenling (he liked reclining)

He liked reclining in his chaise-lounge,
stretching out in a sunny hammock,
tucking himself into his sleeping bag.

Everyone wanted to know what he knew,
what he could share to prepare them,
what almost a century could teach.

The hospital bedrail muted his lessons.

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #37
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9 thoughts on “Isolation Ward

  1. I’d like to know what happened between the freedom of the chaise-lounge and the sunny hammock and the limitations of the hospital bed with its rail, Ron. It must have been an interesting life if ‘everyone wanted to know what he knew’. Cleverly done!

  2. Most of us have life tales to tell. Hi Ron ~~ I’ve been asked to write a book. I say, “Who would read it?” Note I didn’t mention buying it. I write for readers, not for $$$.

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