News: No News

Here we are on the cusp of Autumn, waiting for the foliage to change and lamenting the widespread, devastating fires in the western US. I’ve used that scenario to draft a Nonet (technically a nonet-in-reverse) in response to Laura Bloomsbury’s challenge at dVerse Poets: to write a Nonet (read details here) using a given nine-syllable line to get us started or (in my case) close out our work.

This poem’s closing line is from W.S. Merwin’s poem To the Light of September.


News: No News

new growth:
summer wanes.

September’s green
fades then bursts into
widespread wildfire orange.

Residents are forced to flee;
unwilling migrations begin:
Broken shadows across the cracked ground

dVerse Poets
Poetics Tuesday
~ 9 across for a count down ~


15 thoughts on “News: No News

  1. Timely and just the right format for this inferno – your reverse Nonet concretely depicts how these things begin small and expand to catastrophic proportions
    “unwilling migrations begin:” – well-said and needed saying too

  2. How very clever …. catastrophic is Laura’s word … she is right. As I type my eyes are watering, my cough worsens from smoke seeping through minute openings I cannot seem to find.

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