Second Thoughts

Ahhhh…Sunday again; time to open that pantry & see what, if anything, is worth salvage or deserving of the shredder…


Second Thoughts

All day long he’s got Judy
stuck in his head, and her
glasses –glasses— and her
cantaloupe eyes, and the line
about her living bra stuck
there as well. He thinks
about his OCD mother and
her obsession with Bobby
McFerrin’s Don’t Worry,
Be Happy, but when he
catches himself singing
about Judy’s bra and her
glasses –glasses— on his
dismal commute to work,
and realizes he was singing
about them in the shower,
and while he made his toast,
and when he put on his socks,
the song stuck in his head
since he first woke up, since
he first heard it, decades before
he ever heard his mother
sing Don’t Worry, Be Happy
almost three decades ago,
he thinks about Judy and
he wants to be free; but 
when he catches himself singing 
about her glasses –glasses—again,
almost half a century later,

he has his second thoughts.

Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #36

14 thoughts on “Second Thoughts

  1. This poem made me grin. I remember that song so well, Ron: ‘Judy in Disguise with Glasses’! It’s the sort of song that gets stuck in your head. I prefer it to ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’.I get the cantaloups eyes and ‘cross your heart with your living bra’ but the line that always confuses me is ‘Chimney Sweep Sparrow with guise’ – or did I hear that wrong? On second thought…

  2. I think by now it is far more than second thoughts. I think most of can recall liaisons that we had or planned which we still cannot let go from our memory many years later!

  3. Of course I had to consult You Tube to hear Judy in Disguise (for the first time). It’s a catchy tune I can see being well sung in the shower and on a commute to work! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This reads so very familiar. It brings to mind all those songs (and moments and people) who linger… and change… and stay on the mind’s tongue. Also, I suspect that I might be singing of living bras and glasses–glasses–for a a while.

  5. I don’t know the Judy song, but this poem almost got in my head, repeating, repeating like glasses, glasses.

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