Top Of The World

This week’s barkeep for Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets Pub is American Haijin Frank J. Tassone, who invites us to take a hike, make it haibunilicious, and share it with the other pubbers…


Getting High

After fishing just below The Falls, I climb into the pickup and head for home, but decide on a detour. Six miles up Brownington Road a break in the treeline on the left marks the start of the precipitous trail up Prospect Hill, almost too steep to drive, but I trust the truck’s lowest gear as it approaches the summit, bouncing over the deeply rutted trail, undeterred by wind-fallen branches, and scrambling over large, loose stone.

I hike the last stretch
a hundred yards to sunlight
a silent clearing

dVerse Poets Pub
Haibun Monday
~ Take A Hike ~


16 thoughts on “Top Of The World

  1. Sounds pretty nice! I can resonate with this too. Sometimes, the detours have the best routes; you get to feel all those bumps and witness such hidden scenery and different roads. Beautiful writing!

    • Thanks, Lucy; In a corner of the world where almost all roads are dirt roads, and woods is everywhere you go, it’s hard to tell the detours from the main routes. It’s the destination, as always, that matters most.

    • Call me again when you’re old(er) and too out-of-shape to make the whole journey on foot, Jane. “What happened to (my) legs,” is one I ask myself all the time these days. I DID tread the last stretch by foot, which is about all I can manage these days.

  2. A very good Haibun Ron. I can feel that truck bouncing throught the ruts as it climbs! Feels sort of like a dream I have had when my head gets too far back over the pillow!! Great images.

  3. I’ve worn out two trucks that way. But who can resist? Your writing really catches the feeling of the call of the trail.

  4. I like the sound of this, like I was dropped into the middle of your story. Great descriptions–I could feel those ruts. Ouch! I laughed at “haibunilicious.” 😀 This was.

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