Ron.’s Back

Okay; another Open Link Night at the dVerse Poets Pub. I’ve been working on this one for a while, thought I’d post the latest draft (I hope it’s nearly done), and use this post to test out my mastery of the new WordPress Block Editor functions, which have been challenging my stick-in-the-mud approach to, um, everything, I guess…


I Wish I Had Someone Else’s Back

I wish that I could walk to the kitchen
without stopping to lean and stretch
on the recliner or the sofa; without
having to steady myself on the
dining room’s breakfront or the
nearest kitchen chair.  I wish.

Instead, I grunt and stumble.
Coffee gets brewed in a painful blur.
I kick my socks toward the hamper,
ignore whatever else I might drop.

I could definitely use some support;
I wish someone had my back.
(I don’t, really.  I really don’t.
I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.)

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15 thoughts on “Ron.’s Back

  1. I’m your soul sister! I ambulate grabbing whatever is at hand, and don’t go anywhere without my cane. I now walk with a forward tilt. I didn’t really plan this….I planned to age gracefully!! However, neither of us would choose the alternative, I suppose!

  2. Ouch .. I am so sorry to hear that .. it’s no doubt challenging as one grows older. My mother is currently learning to deal with arthritis.

  3. Yes, I hope someone has your back, metaphorically speaking and just shows how important backs are. Your poem helps understand the struggle. My hubbie struggles now with walking and his back but doesn’t express it as well as you do. Hope you can get some relief and interesting to know how you are getting on with this new ‘block ‘ editor. I am still blocking it out!

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