Talking Heads, These Days

These days
all the heads are talking heads,
but they’re only talking to themselves
or talking only to each other.

Nobody else is listening or
—more accurately—
nobody cares what’s being said
because the talking heads
stopped saying anything worthwhile
ages ago; stopped trying
to convince anyone
that their boring palaver
bore even a modicum of sense
let alone any verifiable truth.

These days, all the talking heads
are simply that: heads, talking;
spouting what (in their opinion) is
important, the only truth
worth hearing.

But it’s not true.
It only used to be true.
Things have changed.
The only truth these days is this: 
no one knows what’s true anymore;
no one knows what’s worth hearing.

So, instead, these days,
he only watches the news
and he keeps the volume lowered,
reads the captions and chyrons,
tries to figure out
if there’s any news worth hearing.

he mutes the talking heads.



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