Ron., Sentenced


My single-sentence poem, ‘Life — A Sentence’ is up today in the latest (outstanding!) edition of Months To Years, an excellent digital literary journal about living well while dying. Its purpose is to give voice to the wisdom, insight, and humor that often accompanies dying.

It’s not as bleak as it sounds. From the publication’s pages:
>> We seek compelling creative nonfiction (essays, memoir, etc.) and poetry that relate somehow to mortality, death, or dying. Writing doesn’t necessarily need to be a story of a death but rather any writing that explores our complex relationship with our mortality.

I’m grateful to Editor Renata Louwers for deeming my submission worthy of inclusion in this issue, making its return to publication after a brief (but too long) hiatus. Renata says that a print-on-demand version is forthcoming but, meanwhile…

You can link to an online (PDF) version here.

(Everything included is worth reading, but I’ll save you the hassle of scrolling along to p.57):

Read Life —A Sentence Here

(This is my 2nd appearance in Months To Years. My CNF story ‘Levels’ appeared in the Winter 2018 Issue)

• Read Levels Here


Chin up. Be the guy in the car, leaving his diagnosis-angst behind & driving away to his favorite coffee shop. Have a cup for me, okay?

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