An Oldie, dug up for Writers’ Pantry presentation at Poets And Storytellers United.  

Originally published in the inaugural issue of the now defunct (or at least on a multi-year hiatus) print and online journal entitled and/or. They published 3 of my pieces back in 2010, and “Egg Test” was one of them. You can read them all HERE.

(I was thinking about Donald’s “person-woman-man-camera-tv” test results when I posted this…)

FYI: This poem is intentionally nonsensical, but—hopefully—it makes at least some sense if you have ever administered (or been subjected to) the Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery of Tests. 



This is Nish. Point
to Nish. Good.

This is Hondar.
Point to Hondar. Now
point to Nish. Good.

This is Kiptron. Point
to Kiptron. Good.
Now point to Nish.
Point to Hondar. Good.

This is uh, Whatsisname.
Point to whatsisname.
Now point to Hondar.
Kiptron. Nish.

This is a tough one. Point.
Good. Now Hondar.
Whatsisname. Nish.
Kiptron. Good.

Point. Point. Kiptron.
Good. Whatsisname.
Uh, point. Now Hondar.
Nish. Good.

Good. Good. Point.

Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #30

15 thoughts on “EGG TEST

  1. Bwahahaha! This is obviously the offspring of an ophthalmologist, a linguist, and a choreographer.

    I enjoyed reading it (especially the second time, when I read it as fast as I could with the most hysterical results).

  2. You seemed to have known all about the Donald’s mental acuity test years ago. How’d you do that?

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