Company For Dinner

~ Originally published in Bohemia (online & print) in October 2013 & revised/presented here for Poets and Storytellers United ~


Company For Dinner

Who could resist those gumdrop
eaves, those icing gutters, pink
wafer shutters and doors, shrubs
of spun sugar, those licorice windows
and that delicate black cracker chimney?

Who indeed. No one. Everyone
who stopped, even if only to visit,
however briefly, wished they could
call it home, wanted to possess
such a finely sprinkled chocolate lawn.

But sooner or later, sweetness fades:
inside, there’s only a blazing stove,
a blazing iron oven and a wicked and
starving witch, wishing she wasn’t
so always alone, wasn’t always so lost
in the deep and darkening woods,
far from her cat and her coven,
trying in vain to fill her emptiness
with a couple of wayward children
fattening in cages in the corner.

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #29
~ Writing About Food ~

10 thoughts on “Company For Dinner

  1. What a dark tale you tell, sweetened, of course, with bits and pieces of chocolate and licorice. Wait! Did I hear the dinner bell?

  2. I enjoyed your retelling of the Hansel and Gretel story, Ron, which reminded me of the time I took a group of pupils to see the opera at Norwich Theatre Royal. I wasn’t sure if they would appreciate it, seeing as there was no rap or hip hop, but they loved it. I like the way your poem begins so sweetly and ends ‘with a couple of wayward children / fattening in cages in the corner’, the way a traditional tale should.

  3. What a deliciously dark tale, Ron! I especially love; “that delicate black cracker chimney.” 🙂 Thank you so much for writing to the prompt! 💝

  4. Your description of the cottage is wonderful … and the dark ending leaves chills for those two in the corner!

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