Crack Comes To Yale

I’ve been living here in Paradise North for a while now, having only just barely evaded the southern conflagration. Things were different back then.


Crack Comes To Yale

There’s a murder a day
in New Haven now
a murder a day for sneakers
small change
and in the morning, newspapers
streaked with blood

Under the influence of
waning mercury vapor
Mr. Downtown shouts

……….I wantcha all ta know
……….I’m takin down yer names
……….an crossin em off my list

Styro coffee cups
busstop stumblers
on Chapel near the green

From every corner
the subliminal stare of pigeons

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #27
Things Were Different

poets united

10 thoughts on “Crack Comes To Yale

  1. One wonders if the pigeons are disinterested, or merely waiting for an opportunity to swoop in and lay claim to one of the gunshot victims. Chilling, at any rate.

  2. Those pigeons probably ran away from New York City, hence their “subliminal [and very likely twitchy] stares. Then again, there is a very high possibility that they’ve sampled the crack. One can never tell… with pigeons.

  3. This is so evocative! “The subliminal stare of pigeons,” indicate just how dire the situation is/could become.

  4. Ah yes after the silence of lockdown the crimes returned here as well. The blood soaked news is a vivid image in the new normal as well

    Happy Wednesday Ron


  5. I agree with Rosemary, it’s hard to tell whether it’s the dystopian future or present. Either way it is chilling, especially the ‘murder a day for sneakers’ and the pigeons – whatever happens pigeons will survive – or maybe they’re behind it all with their ‘subliminal stares’.

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