Comrades In Black

If this were more than ordinary ink upon a page
would I have given, then, more than others gave
who (not being given, themselves, to outright rages)
left no more than merely ink, or less, upon a page?

No. We are but those who strut and fret on stages,
seeking perfect words with which to voice a rant or rave
in common ink, nothing more, upon an ordinary page.
Oh, would that I have given as much as others gave.

A re-worked triolet posted for;
Poets and Storytellers United
~ Writers’ Pantry #26 ~
“You can make anything by writing”


13 thoughts on “Comrades In Black

  1. We do agonize over details don’t we? 💝 Always in search of just the right words to express all that’s churning inside 🙂

  2. Whether we rage or we praise, we gift of inner feelings. The receivers too have a part to play in the inkiness of this construct


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