Never Answer The Phone

Never answer the phone
at 2:35 in the morning
because someone will be dead
or someone will need bail
or someone who knows someone
who says they know you
will need a place to stay.
A phone in the middle of the night
is never your friend; is never
an invitation to party.

Maybe when you were eighteen
or twenty, when everything good
always happened after midnight,
when all your friends were still
up, whooping it up big time
after the clubs closed down,
partying in some stranger’s
back yard or garage, and
one of them, noticing your
absence, decided the party
wasn’t the same without you
had the bright idea to dial
your number and wake you up,
maybe, then, the phone call
hours before the sun rose
was a good thing.
………………………………But now
—those days gone so long—
a ringing phone after midnight
will never be your friend.

From the Works-In-Progress file for
RDP Tuesday ~ CALL


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