(Mr.) Metamorphosis

I’m resurrecting this oldie for this week’s Writer’s Pantry over at Poets And Storytellers United. Originally published (online) in early 2016 at Red Wolf Journal, and included later that same year in their Song Of Myself Anthology.

(Mr.) Metamorphosis 

Call me Looneyman Coffeeslut.
When you find me in the morning
long before the sun comes up,
(as if there’s likely to be sun)
when you find me at the keyboard,
half a man half asleep, call me
Fingerdreams Hopeful, call me
Renovated Crashburn.
Yesterday I was Flabbergast
Downheart , but all my friends
(as if I’d had a friend)
loved me as I was, called me
Sameold Goodold when they
met me on the street, gave me
everything, I guess, they thought
a man like Hankernot Renunciation
might ever need. Still, though, need
followed me everywhere, hunger
dogged me secretly. Tomorrow
(as if there’s any other day)
is another day. Tomorrow
you can call me Smiley Nirvana;
tomorrow I’ll be Karmic Bailout.


Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #20
What’s In A Name

17 thoughts on “(Mr.) Metamorphosis

  1. Names change with the seasons and our moods. Who are you today, my friend? 🙂 I have to admit that it was hard to get past that opening name: Looneyman Coffeeslut. I near spat my coffee out all over the keyboard!

  2. Greetings, Looneyman Coffeeslut. My coffee and I feel and understand the name, the surname in particular… so, it will probably continue to dance in my skull for a while. I really like the progression of this poem, the way the lines and the words within the lines seem to sing to each other… dance with each other… to create an image we can see and feel.

  3. Oh my god, this is so perfect in every way. Just brilliant. I think my favourite is “renovated crashburn” and then of course the awesome moment of love in “sameold goodold”. Loved it, start to finish!

  4. You captured me at Looneyman Coffeeslut, and entertained me all the way through as you metamorphed!

  5. I love everything about this. If I read it before I might have already said “when I hit the keyboard for the second time in the morning, I like to shout out ‘phase two in which Doris gets her oats?'”

  6. I love the way you took the name theme and played with it – made me giggle. I especially like Fingerdreams Hopeful, that’s me at the moment, and Hankernot Renunciation has a ring to it!

  7. Love it…Looneyman Coffee Slut gave me the cackles. I am sure there are names I’ve been given I don’t want to hear. lol

  8. Very cool! I could think of a lot of interesting names for myself, but I don’t think they can be said in polite company.
    ~Cie from Poetry of the Netherworld~

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