Joy Dance!


Honorable Mention.

My poem, Separate Ways, (a ghazal) won an Honorable Mention slot in the Joanna Catherine Scott Award contest (sonnet / formal verse category), sponsored by the North Carolina Poetry Society. I just received my Contributor Copy of Pinesong, the Society’s anthology of winning works in about a dozen different categories.

I have to admit: having read the (phenomenal!) winning sonnet in my category (and all the other categories as well), I’m feeling lucky to have garnered even an Honorable mention. Congratulations to poet Barbara Blanks for the laurels!

The NCPS usually has a (live) meeting / reading to release the anthology, and I was invited to attend and read, which wouldn’t have worked, given the distance involved; so NCPS Contest Director / lynchpin Craig Kittner kindly offered to present for me. I was greatly appreciative and reluctantly relinquished a personal appearance.

Then, (due to the damned pandemic) NCPS opted for a tele-celebration instead and I was re-invited to participate digitally but, sadly, was not available for that either.

I’m sure it was a wonderful day, filled with great literature, which I am sorry to have missed, either in person or digitally.

I’m sure NCPS can send you a copy of this year’s Pinesong Anthology.  Meanwhile…



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