Three Rejects Rejected

I gotta hand it to Mike Rehling, Editor of the venerable online publication Failed Haiku – A Journal of English Senryu: He certainly knows how to (not) pick them.

Most folks don’t know the fine differences between the two forms (haiku/senryu), or don’t much care to go by “the rules” and, technically speaking, there’s really only a fine shade of difference.

I won’t go into the fine differences here. If you’re really interested, great background can be easily accessed at the Haiku Society of America Website.

For years now, Mike has done a great job selecting and publishing really fine American Senryu poems (which are notfailed” haiku).

But I thought for sure I’d be selected for the upcoming issue because Mike was asking for submissions that had been previously rejected by other publications…

…I mean, after all…somebody wants to publish my rejections?!? Cooooool!!!

I sent him three (3) pieces, each of which had been rejected at least once (one was rejected twice!) by other publications over the past year or so.

But, um, no. I received Mike’s “rejections rejection” email early this morning.

No hard feelings, Mike. I know there’s lots of great stuff out there, deserving of the slots I didn’t get.

I’m looking forward to reading the accepted rejects at the upcoming Failed Haiku.


PS: I was lucky enough to have 2 senryu selected by Mike back in November of 2017. You can READ THEM HERE.

One thought on “Three Rejects Rejected

  1. Nice senryu, i luv Mike’s tongue in cheek attitude though towards naming his ezine

    Happy Sunday


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