Stock Clerk: The Buddy System

Benny works for the agency, not for the grocery store. Benny’s job is to keep Matt focused and productive, busy stocking shelves. It’s a hard job for Benny because he likes Matt and he likes a good joke, too, but every time he gets off a good one-liner Matt picks up on it, riffs on it for half an hour, and can’t find his way back to the task at hand.

Both of them just have to keep their lips zipped—something neither of them is very good at.

Benny gets paid either way, whether Matt loads the shelves on time or not. Sometimes, afraid of getting chewed out or laid off, Matt sends Benny out back, asks him to bring out another case or two of chicken broth.

Moving the stock around is Matt’s job, not Benny’s, but it’s not always clear who’s there for whom.

Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #19
Birthing Hope – The Buddy System

12 thoughts on “Stock Clerk: The Buddy System

  1. Sadly not all employees can see when they are wasting time and may be advised to lift their game. Benny clearly is being careless
    while Matt should concentrate on his part of the job on the
    shelves or else the shop’s boss will tell his employer.

  2. Interesting and funny. I guess it fits into tge category of all the great buddies ( Abbot and Costello and likes of such)

    Happy Sunday Ron


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