Confession / Proposal

I’ve been trying to avoid direct plague-related poetry (newsreel analysis verse just isn’t my usual style) but today’s request from Poets And Storytellers United asks us to riff on some street art, so…

My mask loves your mask;
I don’t know how I feel but
my mask loves your mask

Let’s get together
We don’t have to get too close
but, still, c’mon… Let’s.

I mean, what the hell
At least give me your number
My mask loves your mask

Let me just say this:
There might be no tomorrow;
Just give it some thought.
My mask is in love with yours;
your mask might just feel the same.

P/S United ~ Scribble #18

Art Begets Art

12 thoughts on “Confession / Proposal

  1. Snap! That’s three of us who chose this image, Ron! I agree about trying to avoid direct plague-related poetry, but it’s proving difficult! But how can we resist street art?
    I enjoyed your poem, it made me smile, it conveys the temptation we might succumb to, even when we know we shouldn’t…

  2. 😊smiling still, after reading this one.
    Happy Wednesday Ron. Thanks for dropping by my blog today


  3. I must confess that I read this one while making kissy noises and cooing a lot. I really like the tone. It sings of first loves, of hearts that stay forever (or for as long as it may last) young.

  4. Perfection! Your wit, talent amaze me. I just read it aloud to my daughter over the phone. Wish she could have seen my face. Must use Face Time next time.

  5. This is fantastic. Because now I’m thinking about the mask, and the mask behind the mask. To love what is in front of you. (I’m suddenly singing… love the one you’re with).

  6. A bit of a humorous look at a masked society. No doubt the on-line singles sites have been very busy!

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