Time Enough For Counting…

Since we’re clearly mired in very trying times and are often forced to do nothing much more than sit and watch the devastation mount, I’ve decided to provide the following oldie for The Writers Pantry (#12) at Poets and Storytellers United.

Death Is Like The Floor*

Death is like the floor
in a hotel’s tiled men’s room:
the one-by-one inch squares
that no one ever notices,
the hard repeated pattern
that no one ever notices
until a tile is missing
and it’s you.

*Originally published (online) at Right Hand Pointing in March 2014.

I hope everyone’s being prudent and doing whatever they can to safely weather these very troubled times, and remembering that when even a single tile is missing, the pattern is greatly diminished.

14 thoughts on “Time Enough For Counting…

  1. Thank you for the message of concern, Ron, and for the sucker punch of a poem. I noticed my mother’s tile missing yesterday, on Mothers’ Day, but then I notice that all the time. As we get older, so many tiles go missing, it’s hard to visualise the pattern.

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