Disciple’s Dilemma (Tritina)

No, it’s cool; I can wait.
I’ve got nothing but time…..

As far as I can see
it’ll be worth the wait
(at least this time).

I mean, last time
I couldn’t get you to see;
but now…um…I can wait

No. It can’t wait. Time’s up!  See, dammit!!! See!!!


My blogger friend Ken Gierke (rivrvlogr) introduced me to the TRITINA form, which uses repeated end words in three tercets as follows: ABC / CAB / BCA and a closing line that includes all 3: ABC.  You can read about the form at The Poets Collective HERE, and you can see Ken’s Tritina, The Color of Rain,  HERE.

Thanks, Ken!

3 thoughts on “Disciple’s Dilemma (Tritina)

  1. Reblogged this on rivrvlogr and commented:
    The Obvious Truth

    It wasn’t till I looked
    that I finally saw
    the truism in your words.

    For hidden in your words,
    discovered when I looked,
    there was a welcome saw.

    Socially distant, I saw,
    there within your words,
    the answer, once I looked.

    Overlooked, until I saw your words: I’ve got nothing but time.

    If anyone can have fun with a poetry form it’s Ron. Lavalette, and, in so doing, offer further tritina inspiration.

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