Fevered Sleep Near Television

Sometime around four
the voices of an uber-perky
but insubstantial peddler duet,
babbling incomprehensibly,
keep fazing in and out
disappearing and reappearing
through the cough syrup haze
extolling all those ancient oldies
with only moments left before
the almost-for-free discount
vanishes forever.

And all the while
somewhere in the background
Tommy Rowe keeps singing
I’m So Dizzy
to Perry Como
under the boardwalk.

Near dawn
I drift toward the beach
where Gilligan reads a homily
on the National Anthem.

Night Owl? Early Bird? Sometimes it’s hard to tell which… More thoughts on this conundrum at Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribbling #10.

12 thoughts on “Fevered Sleep Near Television

  1. I can relate. Sometimes our sleep schedules change and we just have to brace ourselves and get through the day 🤎

  2. 😊not to be left out, didnt realise this was a Poets United kind of season, i too am having these bouts of insomia and a nervous coughing, actually i blamed it on the moon. no fun

    Happy Wednesday Ron


    • Sometimes I fall asleep while watching a rerun only to wake up at the ending credits. It used to be a test pattern just after the National Anthem and then snow until the morning crop report first thing the next time on the air.
      How do I know this?

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