Six Word Saturday ~ RDP

(A double-duty post, responding to Six Word Saturday and to the Ragtag Daily Prompt, Beacon)

You Can’t See Nuthin’ From Here

Wells Beach Fiasco

People line up to pump their coins
into the binoculars, imagining,
as they wait, that the fog
obscuring their view and
stealing even the merest
glimpse of Lighthouse Island
will miraculously clear
once they have dutifully paid
what tourists pay for the privilege.

No matter how many are
turned away disappointed,
the next sucker’s ready
to step right up, confidently
squinting into the incrementally
brightening sun, hoping to be
the first among the horde
to get his full three minutes
of observational ecstasy,
the day’s first full measure
of Tourisimo Maximus.

3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ RDP

  1. It’s soo much easier to actually go there and SEE it. Sigh. And yet I’ve seen people on mountain lookouts do the same thing, a quarter at time, to look at fog where there should be another mountain. Or a view.

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