Six Word Saturday

I’ve Got To Quit That Job

I’ve been officially and totally retired for several years now, so I suppose my nightmarish rug-sucking, fish-picking, classroom-prowling office drone past shouldn’t still be jolting me out of my meager slumbers two or three times a night anymore, right?

I shouldn’t have to still be driving that forklift into my vinyl siding salesman’s cubicle, spray-buffing that endless hallway after all the other circuit board platers have gone home for the weekend, or disinfecting that ancient matron’s shit-stained bedrails until the roaring bank of industrial stitchery jolts me into the cold-sweat wakefulness of 2AM.

No; none of that shit should be going on.

I’ve got a lot of nothing going on tomorrow & I need my rest.

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3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. There is small, hard chair in a cold room for her in purgatory, the worst of bosses in a long line of bosses. Academe is, after all, the home of the Four Cruelties: Turf-guarding, Back stabbing, Bearing false witness against your neighbor and Rumor-mongering. She excelled in all. Now, years after coming into her orbit, I shudder and cringe at the memory. Maybe purgatory is too good for her. Maybe she belongs in that circle of hell where Toxic Bosses are buggered with catfish.

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