I have seen roses
unfolding in the morning
—more ready than I—
I should have risen with them
Summer has forsaken me.

Now I am bereft.
This morning, in knee-deep drifts
I can find no rose

P/S United ~ Scribble #5
A Mouthful Of Flowers

12 thoughts on “Vacancy

  1. Now that’s a pity, but sometimes you just got to go with the feeling and get out of bed late I am linked #11 today at WeeklyScribblings at #5
    However i tried my first Seveling and you can read it at


    much love…

  2. This is so evocative. I remember waking to smell the roses early in the morning during my childhood days 🙂 Not a day went by when I wouldn’t visit the garden where they bloomed. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💝

  3. I can see a touch of Shakespeare’s hand in your poem, Ron. I love the way it turns on the line ’Summer has forsaken me’, and the chilly, sorrowful ending.

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