Six Word Saturday

I’ve Started Sleeping With Janey Again…

Well, not really sleeping, exactly. But nothing too kinky, either. Janey gets enough of that without hitting on me. And her drinking kinda turns me off, too. But I’ve been staying up late with her lately, helping her dust herself off, tune herself up, etc (and —trust me on this– she needed some serious tuning). She says I’m the best man for the job. I think I’m the only man for the job.

Janey’s mine. Period.

She says she really wants to meet an editor; one that truly loves her, that she wants him (or her) to publish a book about her.

Now that we’ve (kinda) gotten her back together, she’s provided me with a list of folks she wants me to introduce her to. She’s already turned some of them off, but she tells me she’s changed, and she wants them to give her a second shot.

We’ll see.

Janey Wants A Second Chance

Janey spots an old boyfriend,
zeroes in on him, innocently
keyboarding at his favorite café.
She knows he knows her
history, but…


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3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. I’ve missed her, too. She wasn’t easy to get along with, and sometimes she was downright cranky, but she’s Janey, and she matters. I’m glad you found her again.
    You two go back a long way, you got history. =)

    • Thanks, JT. I see that you went back & read “Sorry Pal; Not This Time” from August ’18.
      I’m sooo glad I’ve found her again. You’d be surprised by how editable she is.

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