On New Year’s Eve Eve

I’m doing my best to get 2020 off to a good start:

Twenty-six pieces submitted, calmly (heh heh heh)  awaiting decision from publishers and editors at:

Please See Me… 1 CNF Micro-prose
Boomer Lit Mag…3 Poems
Joanna C Scott Award…1 Poem (contest entry)
Stormy Island Publishing Anthology… 2 Poems
Bloodroot Lit Mag… 5 Poems
Up The River… 5 Poems
Workers Write!… 2 Poems
New Millennium Writing Awards…1 Fiction Prose
Pure Slush Anthology… 1 Poem
50-Word Stories… 1 Prose
Coffin Bell… 1 Poem
Tiny Molecules… 3 Micro-fiction

Two Pieces already Accepted, awaiting publication:

Medical Literary MessengerName That Tune  (Micro-CNF) (Mid-January)
The Cabinet of HeedFamily History   (Poem) (probably Mid-March)


All things considered, 2019 wasn’t such a bad year.  I was lucky enough to have 28 (!) pieces  (14 poetry / 14 prose) published in a nice variety of venues. 

You can read them all here.

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