I Can’t. I Can’t…

real toads

The Imaginary Garden is, um, closing. Not really closing but, um, not continuing. Well, not really being discontinued, according to this morning’s post from Founder and Creative Manager Kerry O’Connor, but halting its ongoing efforts to prod and inspire poets by providing frequent, mind-blowing prompts.

Kerry promises us that the site itself will not disappear, but will remain where it is, and remain open to posting through January. After that, she says, it’ll still be there, archived for reference and inspirational purposes.

She invites us all to post while we can and to visit for inspiration whenever we need to.

I’ll probably keep coming back to read and be inspired by my fellow Real Toads, but as far as making a “Final Post”…. No; I can’t.


9 thoughts on “I Can’t. I Can’t…

  1. I know, Ron.. I love that it will be here through January, I want to try out all the last prompts……..and will definitely use the site as a resource going forward. We will all still be writing, so that is the good news. You keep writing too, kiddo.

  2. Oh, this made me cry. I wrote a last poem, but it wasn’t easy. Our garden will still be there and we will find one another in other places.

  3. It took me a bit for me to get it together enough to write something too. I’m glad the archive will go on to inspire us.

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