Crisis Mismanagement

They send down a couple busloads
of developmental delays, some oldies,
some addicts, and a few assorted loons
to stand around on the State House lawn
in the early New Year’s snow
and bitch about the budget cuts.

The next day everyone’s up early
watching the morning news,
congratulating themselves and
congratulating each other
on a job well done.

The Agency nurse comes in early
to treat the frostbite cases,
and the Service Coordinators
have an unplanned staff meeting
to play hot-potato with the crisis beeper.

Not one of them is eager
to field the inevitable flood of calls
from their distraught clients
suffering the aftermath.

They all just hunker down in their offices,
put their phones on ‘Do Not Disturb’
and surreptitiously surf the net,
pretending to catch up on case notes.

Nothing ever changes.

Real Toads Friday

12 thoughts on “Crisis Mismanagement

  1. Ack! True in many cases. I thank heaven for those who go into public service to SERVE, but their numbers are fewer these days, especially in high office where they are conspicuously absent.

  2. There are people who do and there are people who do nothing but shrug. Thank goodness for the loonies who are actively doing something every day, visible or not, to make a difference.

  3. Yes, Ron, crisis mismanagement is the perfect way to describe what is happening in our world! The people who run things are good at congratulating themselves and each other, but do they ever really say sorry?

  4. Yes, rereading Walden’s Civil Disobedience. Too many people hunkered in front of their screens pretending to be “busy” as the place goes up in flames.

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