Then Nothing

I Tried To Think Of You Today

(for kathy miles)

I followed you today in my mind
& saw you in your most secret moments
…………….You did not know I followed
I am a master at camouflage
pretending to be a magician

A midnight pilgrimage I made
last night as if in dream
to your ancient window in the east
……………with the full moon on the rise
but found no candle burning there

…and just as well I guess
there was something I needed to tell you
……………something I wanted to say
……………but I could not find the words


I journeyed to your doorstep in the dark
with the universe humming at my feet
and stood weeping on the green sad lawn
……………because I could not write this poem

Imaginary Garden / Real Toads

6 thoughts on “Then Nothing

  1. I think this is my all-time favourite poem of yours, and the best poem of its kind that I have read in a long time. The pace and mood have been created with true genius.

  2. I tried to think of you today but I dreamt instead of all the words I could not say. I find this quite beautiful actually, that there would not be the words to describe what is felt.

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