Six Word Saturday


The New Generator Gets A Workout

Our newly-installed (ie Wednesday afternoon) propane-powered fully-automatic mega generator got its initial trial-run yesterday, once the overnight downpours ended but the blustery winds turned to extended, steady gale-force howlers, knocking out our electricity for a couple fairly brief periods before shutting us down completely for most of the afternoon. 

It’s got enough generating power to light & heat most of the house and requires nothing from us by way of support (except, of course, making sure the propane people keep us on their schedule).

I heard My Beloved Sandra telling someone on the phone, “I don’t want Ron to miss even a single episode of Jeopardy; he gets kinda cranky…”

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3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. oh I can relate to that. our generator is a monstrosity that only engineers and the mechanically inclined can–and do–run, and it’s diesel. bleah.
    When something like that happens, (you get a new generator and the lights go out…) it sorta makes you wonder just who is pulling the strings, there.

    That’s a fine looking piece of equipment, btw. all shiny and new…

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