No Escape

He’s sick to death
of reading about people
who spend their time
reading about werewolves
and zombies. He spends
at least an hour every day
in the bookstore café,
writing about whatever else
comes into his mind.

But—no matter how hard he tries—
his fans come in to stand behind him
prod him to wake the sleeping dead,
to outfit the living normal beings
with glowing eyes and fangs.

There must be something more,” he thinks,
knowing full well that there isn’t.
He turns to confront them, but
it’s clear that resistance is futile.

They unzip his skull, feast on his brain.

Imaginary Gardens / Real Toads
Mythical Realms

real toads

10 thoughts on “No Escape

  1. I’m getting a sense of Stephen King’s “Misery” and being the number one fan. I like how the readers are prodding the writer to awaken the dead. To go back to characters he has left dormant. Like zombies they want to feast on his brain, all his ideas feed their empty minds.

  2. That may well affect his story line for the next zombie novel he writes. It will probably be without much substance with half his brain eaten away!

  3. Oh yes, once “fans” get you into a certain lane, damn you if you change it. Love this… Love your ending..

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