Post-Prandial Paralysis

Recalling a trip to visit family in Virginia. Mid-trip, overnight stay somewhere in Pennsylvania. Out to dinner, then stuck in traffic en route back to hotel:

(Apparently some big coliseum show  had come to town, or something…)


Post-Prandial Paralysis 

Last night it seemed like
about half a billion people
all finished dinner
simultaneously, jumped
into their cars to see
just how quickly they could
jam the traffic lanes, clog
every intersection for miles,
gridlock the entire city for hours,
and—just for the hell of it—
incite as much road rage as possible
by attempting unnecessary
lane changes and impossible
U-turn manoeuvers
in the middle of the
already-paralyzed traffic.



One thought on “Post-Prandial Paralysis

  1. Me thinks I’ve grown too old for that kind of traffic. At least it wasn’t snowing. What is it about heavy traffic that inspires people to blow car horns and flash their lights? It really doesn’t speed things up…

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