I have lived underground before, but
it was only the ‘fallen-off-the-grid’  underground.
It was the ‘nothing’s-worth-paying-attention-to-anyway’;
the ‘no-one-really-gives-a-damn’ underground.
I thought I was happy then, but…

This time, life in the shelter is different.
Now I have no secrets; nothing to hide.
I go to sleep at my keyboard
knowing that everyone outside
knows who and what I am; they know
I’m no longer with them.

This time, though, they care
and I care, too.

But it’s too late; too late. This time
the underground’s much smaller.

Imaginary Garden / Real Toads / Shelter

real toads

11 thoughts on “Shrunk

  1. I really like the direction that you took the prompt. This piece is emotionally complex but transparent about the topic. Special props for the line “this time the underground’s much smaller.” Great way to finish this piece.

  2. There are so many types of underground! I was on the London Underground yesterday, a place where many Londoners spent their time during the Blitz, but for me it was claustrophobic – I was so glad to get off and board an overground train, to see the fields, rivers and the sky! The ending really hits home.

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