“I Have Closed The Door”

“I Have Closed The Door”

Please send some word about
the last five words you spoke;
see if I’ve gotten them right.

Your intent is indecipherable.

Tell me you have closed the door
just because you always close doors
and not as some worn gesture
signified by doors, closed,
or by locked locks.

Please tell me there’s no secret
or hidden message; that you’re
only going out into the rain;
that you’re only closing the door;
that you haven’t really left me yet.

Recomposed and posted for both Real Toads’ Tuesday Freebie and for RDP Tuesday: INTENT

5 thoughts on ““I Have Closed The Door”

  1. To save the rain getting inside some doors must be closed but are just waiting for a knock to open once more. I really liked the figurative reasoning in this.

  2. I agree, it’s impossible to discern the intentions of certain individuals .. so much to hide behind those fake smiles … a most powerful poem 💖💖💖

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