Thank You, Mr. De Grassi

It’s just me and Alex this morning
out on the front porch, coffeed and
swimming in the earliest sunshine
two days after Solstice, retiring,
drenched in the day’s promises.

Alex, as usual, is six-strung and
finger-beaming and I’m all ears,
keyboarding away, hoping only
to record whatever.
can’t be seen or heard or smelled
from where we sit does not exist.

Everything is either blossoming or
otherwise singing accompaniment
to whatever Alex is doing with his
finger strings, and I’m glad to just
sit, witnessing.

Tuesday’s Toads Are Free

real toads

8 thoughts on “Thank You, Mr. De Grassi

  1. I cam relate to this moment you have captured.. sometimes it is enough to just be beside an artist at work or play.

  2. This is lovely!❤️ If only we could record (along with everything else) that can’t be seen or heard .. to cherish in the days to come.

  3. Just looked him up. Brings back memories of Michael Hedges. Is there a CD you can recommend?

    • Anything, I guess. I never heard of him til his name showed up on Pandora, so I set up a DeGrassi channel. Haven’t heard any of his stuff I didn’t like.

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