Ron.’s Corpse

Don’t know if you’ve ever played the Exquisite Corpse game and I’m fairly certain that—like me—you’ve never even heard of the Solitaire Version. But that’s what the Real Toads are asking us to do today, so…

(If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about you can check out the rules by clicking the link below.)

Meanwhile, here’s my attempt:

Attractive books live long. Words:
beautiful facts. Slay unsightly worlds!
(Dazzled eyes behold muscular stories.)

Imaginary Garden / Real Toads

real toads

8 thoughts on “Ron.’s Corpse

  1. All those beautiful books lined up on a shelf full of other worlds to read about. It has a feeling of “Knowledge is power”.

  2. Who wants unsightly worlds when one can be dazzled by muscular stories!

    You know, I am still pouting at the fact that I didn’t get the word “muscular”. It just love the vivid fleshiness of it.

    P.S. I’m glad no one has heard of Exquisite Corpse Solitaire, since I… made it up, lol! And the idea of someone seeing inside my head is terrifying (there is no telling what might happen to the sanity of anyone watching). 😀

  3. I enjoyed reading about the Exquisite Corpse poetry game. I learned that game many years ago when I pursued my MFA in Creative Writing. One of my profs taught the game to us. My prof had us each write an entire line, then it was passed on to the next person and the next person, etc. I have since used it in my own Creative Writing classes I taught. I also used it with Terry’s kiddos several times. They LOVED that game.

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