After Reading Joyce

What’s the point of genius, then,
if words obscure and plot disguise
an art we know is buried there
but cannot see through unenlightened eyes?


For instance, James Joyce’s Dubliners was a piece of cake, and I muddled my way through Ulysses but, um, Finnegan’s Wake? Duuuhhhh…

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14 thoughts on “After Reading Joyce

  1. I have to admit my ignorance. I’ve never read any of James Joyce’s works. Completely different kind of author, but I’ve felt similar things about Roger Zelazny’s work.

  2. Took me most of a lifetime to grow into T.S. Eliot, and some people cut their reading teeth on him. We’re all wired differently, people who love Joyce but swoon in horror at the idea of reading Vonnegut…and at my advancing age I prefer less effort and more enjoyment out of my reading.
    I figger, at this point, I’ve earned an easier ride. With cushions and handrails.

  3. I have not read any of the above by Joyce. I’ve heard they are a bit obscure. I’m reading Virginia Woolf’s diary and her initial response to them was the same. Witty and interesting literary poem though 😊

  4. He wrote some quite nice poems, but.
    I personally have never been able to get past page 3 of Ulysses, in various attempts over the years. I have now given up. I managed Portrait of the Artist… but didn’t find it enthralling or memorable. (Does this say more about me than Joyce? I’m also the girl who ditched The Iliad early on because it was just a bunch of blokes fighting each other all the time.) On the other hand, I love your poem!

  5. splendid as I have tried many that dulled my brain after 3 pages or maybe it was my dull brain quiet after 3 pages….

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