Frost Heaves


It would be nice if the town
could do something more
than put up roadside signs
advising the luckless driver
of what he already knows:
frost heaves.
…………………..Frost heaves,
mud turns into quicksand,
and—regardless of speed
or heavily studded tires—
nothing gets down the road.

There’s nothing to be done
and everybody knows it.
Whatever you need to do or
whatever you need to get
down in the village in April
will simply have to wait.

IG/RT — Reboot

6 thoughts on “Frost Heaves

  1. Hey, I really like. Very Vermont, plain spoken and to the point. We still have a couple stretches on my favorite back road. I’d usually rather travel that than the paved road, and it’s a better road than the paved in any season but mud season. But this time of year there are patches that will sink a lesser car and humble a pickup.

  2. Oh if people would only use common sense, but there appears it is drastically lacking so many times. Thanks for your kind words on my poem. I am fine. It was written from my efforts to rehab after a car accident in 2006. I do have residual effects that haunt from time to time.

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