Thursday Thirteen

13 Columbinians

(12 Students & A Teacher*)

1. Rachel Scott
2. Daniel Rohrbough
3. Dave Sanders*
4. Kyle Velasquez
5. Steven Curnow
6. Cassie Bernall
7. Isaiah Shoels
8. Matthew Kechter
9. Lauren Townsend
10. John Tomlin
11. Kelly Fleming
12. Daniel Mauser
13. Corey Depooter

Two decades, and what’s changed? Nothin. I could make at least thirteen more lists, just like this one.

Yak Yak Yak Thoughts and Prayers. Blah Blah Blah

More T-13s Here

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. nothing to ‘like’ on that list, and just the fact that it exists at all is a shame. and, yeah, list after list after list. Trouble is, the more publicity this stuff gets the more people want to jump on the wagon and shoot someone. (that’s not aimed at you, but at the media)

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