Breakfast Is (Almost) Back!!


After a 14-month hiatus, Poetry Breakfast, one of my all-time favorite sites for daily first-thing-in-the-morning lit, is set to return on May 1st. This news makes me very happy!

Editor / Founder Ann Kestner has been serving up tasty morning feasts since 2011, with only a couple of glitches along the way. I’m holding my breath, hoping there will be no glitch to delay this return.

I’m also holding my breath, hoping Ms. Kestner will give a thumbs-up to at least one of the several poems I’ve submitted for any upcoming Breakfast.

Acceptance or Rejection matters; but what matters most is that Poetry Breakfast IS BACK!!!

My previous Breakfasts include:

>> Fly Away Home (Oct 2012)
>> Hard Going (Mar 2016)
>> How It Happens (Apr 2016)
>> Time Machine and A Note, Tabled (Jul 2016)
>> The Daily Grind (Jan 2017)
>> Awaiting Acceptance (Oct 2017)

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