Six Word Saturday

I Shouldn’t Have To Do This

Almost a week into April. Nice and toasty warm (indoors) and not-so-very-frigid outdoors (a couple degrees above freezing, anyway).

Complete Signal Loss, says the screen. Weather-related, it says.

Sure enough. Out there on the corner of the deck rail, the satellite dish, not as heavily obscured as it’s been many times all winter long, but nonetheless once again so evenly covered with about a full ninch of what might best be described as slushsnow that the signal from the Deep Space Orbiter is definitely not penetrating, thus inhibiting my viewing potential.

I should NOT have to grab the broom from the closet, lay a towel on the living room floor to cover my return, put on boots and wade out into the drizzle and the several inches that remain unmelted on the deck in order to brush away the offending precipitation.

Bah. The rest of the day, I’m certain, will be better but..I should NOT have to do this.

Especially before coffee.

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