Insomnia #135

your vast collection
stares down at you at midnight
—small plastic monkeys—
will never be truly yours
they miss their gumball machine


Late Night Toads

8 thoughts on “Insomnia #135

  1. Oh my gosh, this is so flipping awesome. I love poetry that seems simple, and about childhood topics, but really it’s about the heart and deeply profound adult longing and loss. But really, children feel the same; they just can’t express it necessarily.

    This makes me think of humanity as a whole, under government’s “umbrella” — when we’d all really just like to be back in the womb, embracing the amniotic wetness, embracing the rain.

  2. Oh, this takes me back to my childhood when I wondered about the lone doll I left on the porch step..was it afraid?

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