Editor Tim Sevenhuysen at 50-Word Stories published my contribution (“Almost There”) on 3/5, and today I got word that it was named Story Of The Week.

Story Of The Week gets you satisfaction and bragging rights, but if you’re lucky enough to get Story Of The Month you also get a $10.00 cash prize. Here’s hoping.

However things work out, I’m pleased and honored that Tim found my effort worthy.

I posted a link on 3/5, and have also put it up at Eggs Over Tokyo, but just in case you missed them, here’s the piece:


Almost There

After the hospital, the bookstore café beckons. The geezers have already gathered. Although they still do not offer him a seat at their tables, when he comes in this time, limping, they shoot him a longer glance than usual, which seems, he imagines, to confirm the likelihood of imminent inclusion.


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