Don’t Get Me Started On Dogs

Full Disclosure: I am NOT a pet owner, for a wide variety of excellent reasons. When my Blogamigos talk about their pets—sometimes referred to as “furbabies” (ick)—I often make jokes about barbecue suitability. No serious harm intended, I assure you.

Here’s something a little less virulent, for today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt:


Cats, cats
The museful pet

The more you have
the more you get

The more you get
the more you want

(a Buddhist’s cat
might be his aunt)

So keep your cats
and keep them well

they might come back
you just can’t tell

RDP Sunday – PETS

One thought on “Don’t Get Me Started On Dogs

  1. I enjoy dogs, probably because they belong to someone else, and, like kids, they don’t come with me when I come home.

    (And of the three species (dogs cats and children) cats seem to be the least work, the least worry, and the tidiest.)

    Poem sort of says it all, doesn’t it.

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